Developing writing and presentation skills to
boost confidence and improve engagement with readers and audiences.

Two decades experience delivering highly rated communication workshops
for ambitious researchers

Writing Targeted Grants

OPEN workshop
4 December 2017, London

Book-in now to spend a day with other mid-career STEM researchers considering how to maximise your chance of winning a grant or fellowship application.

Workshops and Coaching

ThinkWrite transforms the way that researchers write and speak about their work.

Working one-to-one, in small groups and ball rooms, we inspire high capacity individuals, so they go away and inspire others.

Facilitators and Coaches

Our team thrive on delivering life-changing , career-enhancing workshops and coaching.

Each associate brings with them a wealth of experience. To ensure consistent quality, each has undertaken our bespoke training and accreditation programme.

clients and reputation

Over the past decade, ThinkWrite has worked internationally with renowned research institutions.

Our reputation for delivering highly valued workshops means that most of our new work comes through referrals.

coaching research leaders

Developing advanced skills

training post-graduates


Successful researchers often find themselves leading teams. The challenge is learning to mentor a team in a way that allows each member to build their skills, without becoming overloaded.

We help these teams thrive by supporting their leaders. As they develop enhanced strategies for writing and speaking, at the same time as mentoring others.

Building an international reputation in research means that not only do you do great work, but you tell others about it. This can often be something that academics find challenging.

Our workshops have been specifically developed to boost key writing and speaking skills, reducing time taken and increasing confidence.

ThinkWrite's four-workshop programme is designed to introduce young researchers to their PhD, helps them build posters, write papers and create a final thesis.

The aim of the workshops is to create a structured approach to writing documents that will help them to manage themselves and deliver… in time.

Success looks like...