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Our communication training helps academic researchers thrive

Academic research is demanding. But is it also rewarding. The rewards are almost all triggered by telling others about your ideas and findings.

We come alongside Professors, Post Docs and PhD students, building skills that let their work get published in journals and presented at conferences. Our critique of messages, structures, gatekeepers and readers creates a framework for all forms of academic communication.

We recognise the pressures that underlie funding, as well as the tensions created by REF and other metrics, wherever possible turning these pressures into drivers that enhance your work.  

An expanding team

Over 2015-16 we have grown to include 8 Associate Trainers, each of whom comes with particular skills and experience.

There is room for more. Get in touch if you have a PhD, have been multiply published, enjoy having an organised approach to creating research documents and could be available 10-20 days a year.


I enjoyed every part of the course.
Graduate - U o Liverpool


This incredibly useful course should be part of the induction programme for all postgraduate research students.
Graduate student - UCL


We got to make the course specific to our own work.
PhD student - Dept Agriculture, U o Reading


Tailored to questions raised by the group.
Post Doc - U o Southampton


Although during the course I felt slightly anxious about the fact that we seemed to be leaving the actual writing to the very end - by the end of the course I understood why it had been structured like this and it proved the trainer's point.
Lecturer - U o Bristol


The most helpful parts of the course were going through the relationship between the different players behind the scenes and defining the role of the peer reviewer within the system.
Post-doc - UCL


I enjoyed the way that everyone could ask all sorts of questions.
Post-doc researcher - UCL


A brilliant course, which concentrates on good planning of a paper and gives a number of practical suggestions. The course leader had both an academic and a writing/publishing career, so his insights seem very valuable.
Graduate Student - UCL


A very good course. Very objective. The debates were very useful.
Researcher - U o Southampton


Highly recommended for beginners in the area. Time saving!
Graduate student - UCL


I've been to a few so-so courses over the past year, and this course really stands out from the rest. It was excellent. I would recommend it to all PhD students.
Graduate Student - UCL


It was useful to learn about publishers and contracts.
Post-doc researcher - UCL


Now I know the role of a reviewer I can save time from doing unnecessary tasks / making unnecessary comments.
Post Doc - U o Southampton


The course was excellent. I felt that I learnt a lot from Pete and it was full of useful practical tips. Thank you very much.
Graduate Student - UCL


Some useful tips for breaking down the overall task of planning and writing a book.
Researcher - U o Southampton


The range of techniques offered had the potential to be applied flexibly in multiple situations.
PhD student - U o Exeter


Discussing realities & practicalities of planning, writing, dealing with editors, etc.
Post doc - U o Bristol


Gave a clear view of what is expected by the publishing industry.
Post Doc - U o Southampton


Mind mapping for building your story, and analysing feature articles.
Research Fellow - U o Bristol


How to get your 'foot in the door'.
Post doc - U o Bristol


Helpful step tree strategy to writing grants. Helped focus on promotion aspects - letting others know about work.
Graduate - U o Liverpool


Very well done. Excellent tutor-highly informative and hard-working. Very important course, which is very relevant to post-graduate students.
Grad Student UCL


I recently had to prepare a conference poster and found the advice and guidance invaluable.
Graduate Student - UCL


I do feel more confident about creating a poster. I need to use one for a forthcoming presentation about my research so will be using the materials shortly.
PhD student - U o Exeter


I felt this workshop achieved everything it sets out to do.
Life long learning - U o Exeter


It was nice to have time to reflect within the structure of the course.
Drama lecturer - U o Aberystwyth


The design, materials etc were all excellent. It was much more useful than any writing training that I've attended before because it gave experience in carrying out an achievable, useful task which helps not only in structuring an article but also in deciding what to write about.
Post Doc Researcher, UCL


The best part was working out the true role and responsibility of the peer reviewer in the final decision.
Post Doc - U o Southampton


This is a very useful one day course on paper writing. It's highly recommended for all students who planning to write an academic paper.
Graduate student - UCL


It was interactive and gave insight to some topics that I haven't considered before.
Researcher - U o Southampton


Thank you so much for the inspiring workshop on Wednesday, Iíve already put a few ideas into practice in the essay which was handed in today (phew!)
Graduate student - Energy Institute, UCL


Practical on the key areas I was interested in.
Researcher - U o Southampton


Gave solid basis for peer-reviewing, which can feel lonely when doing it for first time. Solid advice on time to take and other practical aspects. Confidence building.
Post Doc - U o Southampton


It was great fun, the most informative day I've spent. I would make this course compulsory to other students. The presenter and this topic should be made widely available to staff.
Research Fellow - Construction Management, U o Reading


The flowcharts and handouts were very useful.
Lecturer - UCL


Tips on how to build up contacts & portfolio.
Junior lecturer - U o Bristol


The course provided a clear method for approaching my problems in writing journal articles. It was well delivered and appropriate.
Inst of Education - London


The presenter was fun and we also learnt a lot as well! Lots of great tips that I will be taking away with me and will try to put into practice when I write my first grant proposal next year. Thank you!! :)
Post Doc - UCL


It was a pleasure to attend this very informative course. Dr Moore is an excellent communicator and opened my mind to many useful possibilities of how to create an effective piece of work.
Lecturer - UCL


Helpful advice for people who do not have any grant application experience - well prepared and organised.
Research Student - U o Liverpool


You will get many quick strategies to improve your writing skill
Graduate Student - UCL


A realistic approach to beginning my career as a published researcher. I would recommend it to other members of staff because it was enjoyable, motivating and practical.
Lecturer - Institute of Education, London


Pete's experience and his willingness to share it was great.
Post-doc researcher - UCL


Very effective an informative in assisting with grant writing. Personal assistance with regards to a propsal I am writing was very helpful.
Graduate - U o Liverpool


I loved the 'cross discussion' expertise.
Researcher - UCL


Thinking about targetting stories to magazines / publications.
Junior lecturer - U o Bristol


Key message must be identified, and must be "snappy".
Post Doc - U o Bristol


This course simplifies the steps needed to review papers so as to make the task appear less onerous and thus possible to do.
Post Doc - U o Southampton


Brilliant workshop - best yet.
2nd Year PhD student - Psychology, U o Bristol


Very useful course - I believe I can finish my thesis now (and it will be better)!
4th yr PhD student - Dept Geography, U o Bristol


The course met my university, department, work and personal needs.
PhD student - U o Aberystwyth


The whole workshop was helpful. The tutor clearly explained the process of peer review, the practical aspects, the background. It was very interesting and really helpful.
Post-doc fellow - UCL


The most useful part of the day was learning how to approach publishers.
Post-doc researcher - UCL


Interactive. Enthusiastic teacher. Practical exercises. Excellent use of visual & practical components of the course. Relevant to MD/PhD needs.
Graduate - U o Liverpool


The presentation encouraged really helpful discussions on a topic where most people are just expected to know what to do. Thanks for giving me the motivation to move on to writing.
Food Science PhD student - U o Reading


The course exceeded my expectations. It was very clear, informative and useful. The best course I have been on - many thanks.
Lecturer - U o Exeter


Really useful, informative course - lots of information, but at a relaxed pace. Lots of opportunities to ask questions. Enjoyed the group work.
Research Student - U o Liverpool


The best thing was the style of the presenter and the knowledge of the presenter.
Researcher - U o Southampton