The ThinkWrite method of writing lets bright people create complex documents that are clear, concise and delievered on time.

Two decades helping bright people create complex documents

ThinkWrite provides a process-driven approach to creating complex documents. Working one-to-one, in small groups and Ball Rooms, we inspire high capacity individuals, so they inspire others.

Each facilitator comes with a wealth of personal experience. To ensure consistent quality, each has also trained with our director Pete Moore PhD, and works with our tried and tested materials.

Over two decades ThinkWrite has developed an international reputation for delivering highly valued workshops. Consequently most of our work comes through repeat bookings or referrals.

equipping PhDs & professors

providing a Blended package of support

enabling your  employees


In almost all disciplines, being in academia involves writing. As you progress you first need to gain skills yourself, and then pass these on to others.

Our process-driven approach boosts effeciency in all phases of an academic career.

Attending a ThinkWrite workshop can boost your ability to create specific documents.

Participants gain even more if they then attend follow-up sessions, either in the form of writing progress days, 1-to-1 clinics, or individual coaching sessions.

From pitches for business through to emails between colleagues, written documents sit at the heart of business.

Our approach to sharing critical information can help work forces spend less time sending out clearer messages.