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The ThinkWrite method of writing lets bright people create complex documents that are clear, concise and delievered on time.

ThinkWrite Training’s process-driven approach to writing helps individuals and teams create career-building documents


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Over the last two decades our clients have used the ThinkWrite model when applying for Fellowships and Grants, writing papers, authoring books & theses, creating posters and speaking at conferences.

Having identified cores issues, our workshops and coaching then help you find solutions… enabling researchers and businesses to write winning documents - Papers, Bids, Reports, Books, Theses...

ThinkWrite provides a process-driven approach to creating complex documents. Working one-to-one, in small groups and Ball Rooms, we inspire high capacity individuals, so they inspire others.

Each trainer comes with a wealth of personal experience in academia and writing. To ensure consistent quality, each has also trained with our director Pete Moore PhD, and works with our tried and tested materials.

Over two decades, ThinkWrite has developed an international reputation for delivering highly valued workshops. Consequently most of our work comes through repeat bookings or referrals..

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