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REF 2014 results – its nearly time

All seems to have gone quiet on the REF2014 front. Not so if you have been on one of the panels or the administrative teams, and not so soon if you have been assessed as part of the process. It’s almost time for the results.

Here are a couple of key dates with some of the REF team’s comments:

1) Tuesday 16 December 2014
If you are in charge of the institution, now is the time to have a good breakfast. This is the day when the REF team will release individual institutions’ results to the head of each HEI, in confidence and under embargo until Thursday 18 December 2014.

1) Thursday 18 December 2014
For everyone else, this is the day to take a deep breath as you open your ‘post’, because this is the day that the REF team will publish the results on the REF website and in a printed publication. This document will contain the overall quality profile awarded to each submission listed by unit of assessment (UOA). The overall quality profiles will present the proportions, rounded to one per cent, of research activity judged to have met each of the quality levels from 4* to unclassified. The full-time equivalent (FTE) number of Category A staff included in the submission will be shown alongside the overall quality profile.

Are you excited?

Let me know.

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