How we help

Life-changing encounters… tailored for you

Life changing encounters, tailored for you

coaching research leaders


Successful researchers often find themselves leading teams.

We help these teams thrive by supporting their leaders. As they develop enhanced strategies for writing and speaking, at the same time as mentoring others.

  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Skype or on site
  • Small group workshops
  • Writing retreats

Developing advanced skills


Building an international reputation in research means that you not only do great work, but you tell others about it.

Our workshops boost key writing and speaking skills, reducing time taken and increasing confidence.

  • Quality Papers
  • Grant winning as a life-style
  • Peer review with purpose
  • Purposeful presentations

training post-graduates


ThinkWrite four - workshop programme introduces young researchers to their PhD, helps them build posters, write papers and create a final thesis.

The aim is to help them manage themselves… in time.

  • Introducing your PhD
  • Conference Abstracts & Posters
  • Publishing my first paper
  • Creating my thesis in time