The TW Model

The ThinkWrite model places thinking before writing, removing barriers, saving time and increasing success.

Underpinning all of ThinkWrite's work is a basic belief that when thinking precedes writing, people communicate with clarity and minimise the time spent on each task.

Writing is hard if we do not think first. We hit writer’s block, endure multiple drafts and fail to communicate the key issues clearly.

Whether you are writing up your research, planning a talk, sending an email, writing a grant bid or building a conference poster, we believe there are five key things you need to consider.

Think each of these through. Then you are ready to write with greater clarity and speed.


5 core questions

1. Who are you, and what role are you playing?
2. What are you hoping to achieve?
3. What exactly are you trying to say?
4. How is this piece of work structured?
5. Who is the gatekeeper?