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We help people say, 'I can...'

ThinkWrite enables participants to communicate with greater clarity, gain confidence and make good use of time. Working through workshops and 1-to-1 coaching we help people identify their core message, research appropriate structures and seek to meet ‘gatekeepers’ needs. Together this reduces time while also increasing the likelihood of success.

Our workshops focus on specific documents (reports, academic papers, grant applications, theses etc), in each case demystifying the task of creating one into multiple, carefully defined steps. A combination of instruction, group discussion, bespoke tasks and personal work provide a space to refresh old skills and gain new insights.


Quality Papers
The workshop gives strategies which will enable you to write with greater speed and confidence, at the same time as increasing your chance of getting published in your target journal.

Writing Targeted Grant Proposals
The day gives participants the opportunity to expand their ideas on available funding sources, and investigate what funders want to achieve when they hand over money.

My Thesis in 10 Steps
This workshop presents a structured approach to planning a thesis that helps you place the research into a document that meets your university’s requirements. It helps you develop a monthly timetable that maximizes your chances of delivering on time.

Speaking with Confidence
In short courses, or through long-term coaching, we can help boost your confidence. We can help you prepare, plan and practice so that when you are on the 'stage' you can concentrate more on the content than on the performance.

Conference Abstracts and Posters
You will discover how to write an abstract that meets expectations and gets you invited to the conference. The workshop then looks at the challenges and opportunities that occur when creating and presenting an academic poster.


1-to-1 support

While a 1-day workshop can trigger a sense of excitement, putting the ideas into practice is often hard. Meeting either in person or via Skype can be a cost-effective way of enabling participants to embed the ideas in real life, giving them tailor-made support with specific tasks. This can be particularly valuable for remote staff and researchers.

ThinkWrite delivers many other workshops and can create bespoke events to ensure that we meet the needs of your department, team or university. Please contact us to discuss your Requirements.