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Do let us know how ThinkWrite has helped you... here's a recent example.

Just back from maternity leave

Dear Pete,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help with both your how to write a paper and thesis course.
Your helpful tools were invaluable and since being back from maternity leave I have now published a journal paper and have two further ones submitted – one with minor amendments and the other awaiting review.  My thesis hand in is late October this year and I feel so much more confident with these papers written (regardless of status or publication).  The paper writing has really helped me not be overwhelmed by the whole thesis and has broken it up into manageable chunks to tackle.  If only I could submit by publication like they do in Europe!  Nevertheless your booklets and advice on how to be productive has certainly helped me and will continue to do so as I look for a post doc position.
Thank you sincerely,

I won first prize

A big thank you to the Think Write team. I attended the Think Write courses in March 2015. Following all the advice on the course, I am pleased to tell you that I won 1st prize in the UCL doctoral school competition- Medical Faculty. I am in the process of writing up two publications which I aim to submit to journals at the end of this month. The courses were invaluable to my academic progress and career.
Thank you again.

I now plan... before writing

The training course from “think write” has been extremely helpful. I now plan the whole paper in a structured manner before writing it, following the methodology we were taught. This is saving me large amounts of time. There is no need for writing and rewriting as the ideas are structured from the start and the paper flows nicely. I would recommend this course to anyone who is starting a PhD. 

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